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Location: Kingston, Ontario - Canada
Specialties: Pet Portraits, Animal and Wildlife, Portraits, Landscapes and Florals. I work in watercolour, graphite, coloured pencil, acrylic, oils and on silk.
Influences: My tastes are eclectic and therefore so is my style of art. My style changes with the medium used. Silk painting is spontaneous, fluid and loose. Drawing is controlled and linear. In my heart I am more colourist than linear. I appreciate almost all styles and types of art.
Education: Primarily self-taught. I was able while at university to take one summer semester in fine arts. I have taken other classes as I was able over the years. I studied silk painting under Hilary Scanlon.
Bio: Primarily a self-taught artist, Maureen has studied some fine arts at university and later evening classes at college. Maureen studied painting on silk under Hilary Scanlon. Having worked in sculpture, silk dyes, oils, and acrylics, Maureen now focuses on graphite drawings, coloured pencil and watercolours.

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