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lizzy forrester

Location: Eivissa Ibiza, Islas Baleares - Spain
Influences: Matisse, Renoir, Monet, Pissaro, Picasso, Van Gough, Gaugin, Degas.............. Leonardo Da Vinci, ....
I try to emulate in some of my works the style of the Impressionist artists.
Education: Self taught. My love and appreciation of art has grown naturally and I would hope influenced and advanced throughout the years because of my obsession with the modern master painters mainly of Impressionism, and a great love for visiting and spending all my free time and holidays at Major Art Galleries around the world. I have visited the majority of them many many times and can spend hours in a Gallery. It is how I usually choose to spend my holidays.
Musée D'Orsay (many times), Pompidou, L'Ouvre, and not least L'Orangerie, this latter is a must for Monet fans of course. All in Paris, a place I adore, and to where forever I will return.
National Gallery, Royal Academy, Tate Modern, Tate Galleries, all in London: we are so fortunate that the majority do not charge any entrance fee.
El Prado, and Galería Thyssen, Madrid.
Museo Picasso (fabulous), Barcelona and Dalí Museum Rosas / Kadakesh, Girona
Liverpool Art Gallery, a place I often wandered around as a child has an impressive collection.
MOMA San Francisco, is home to my favourite Matisse.
MOMA New York, I missed, and was not so impressed by the Guggenheim.

Everytime I visit a Gallery, I buy postcards of my "top ten" or thereabouts, which I then use for inspiration, and of course inevitably invest in a couple, if not a few, fine art books. My collection is quite amazing and a constant source of reference and inspiration for me.

My great passion is art. I breathe, eat and sleep it. It is part and parcel of my everyday life and very much tied up with my appreciation of Classical Music.
I am so very grateful now at the age of 47, within my half century, to be able to work only part time (private language tuition provides enough for the day to day spending and the odd trip or holiday) and dedicate my time to my creative needs.

Thank you for visiting my work.
Bio: Thank you for taking the time to visit my site.
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All offers will be considered if interest is in purchasing the original painting.


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