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Location: Windsor, Nova Scotia - Canada
Specialties: As I mentioned above, I'm primarily a fantasy artist. Faeries, pixies, mermaids, maidens... They all live in my world.
Influences: I'm not really sure what my greatest influences were in the creation of my fantasy work -- most likely my Mother's love of fantasy got passed along to me. I grew up with movies like LadyHawke -- so it was easy to imagine anything. My designs however, are strongly influenced by the years I spent living overseas in the Middle East.
Education: I'm a self-taught artist. I took art in high school like most art fanatics -- but 99.9% of what I do is learned through trial and error... and believe me, that's the most painful process. There's nothing like having a very time consuming piece coming along beautifully and you destroy it with a new technique. Ah well, live and learn, right? :)
Bio: I'm thirty-two, living in Nova Scotia, have two fleshy children (Brianna and Conner) and three furry chihuahua children (Pixie, Angel and Chili Bean). I work all the time, but then again -- art is the love of my life. There's hardly room for anyone or anything else!
***Please contact me regarding purchasing of current available artwork!***

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