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Mike O'Haire

Location: Santa Rosa, CA - United States
Influences: I'm influenced by the world around me. I like to travel be it a local road trip or flying away to ... and take photos. Then on returning home I put them away and do not look at them for some time. Then going back through them to see what inspires me, the memories the images stir.
Bio: The depth of your surroundings is defined by shadows created by light
“Without Shadows the World Would Be Flat”

Born in San Francisco, CA. and still residing in Northern California.
A self taught Artist/Painter & a professional Graphic Artist.
I find myself returning to the beginning/core of Art, Painting.
The Simplest equation: Pigment, Oil, Brush, and Canvas.
Also the world around me. Seeing how the light reflects into the shadows of life,
I see not black but deep rich tones of purple, blue, green...
By not using black in my painting I give them that rich quality of life that you may not
even realize exist until you truly look around an see what the shadows of life hold.
Enjoy my paintings and see how I view the world.

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