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John D Benson

Location: Parkville, Maryland - U.S.A.
Specialties: Portraits, I believe I have a talent that allows me to capture the person. I don't know why I have it or how but may have told me that I do and it does not matter if I knew the person or not. Some how my Heavenly Father has give me this skill and it has blessed may people. I thank Him for it and hope I always use it to His glory.
Influences: Charles Reid and Ted Nuttall are living artist I have great respect for and enjoy their work in watercolor. My good friend Jim Butcher has influenced me in art and life. He is a fine brother in Christ. And of course all those who have gone before me and made their mark in the world of art. I also must add Robert Glenn for his wonderful work in sharing twice weekly thoughts and insights. Julia Cameron for her masterful book of instruction.
Education: I would have to give top honors to my Heavenly Father though Jesus Christ His Son. Which by accepting His wonderful gift, all others have been made open it me. He leads me all the Way!!! He gets all the praise and glory.
Bio: "The discipline of watercolor . . . enables one to illuminate life in an extremely unique way; reaching far deeper into the soul of humanity and creation than mere words or photographs can touch. To have some small part, through this God-given gift, in creativity has been my desire since my early years. It is an extension of my soul and being, and is my contribution in bringing visual pleasure and communication to those who view my art."

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