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Andrew James

Location: Sharpsville, PA - USA
Influences: Most of my influences come from Gothic architecture and Churches. I have influences in native American art. Previous influences have come from Russian constructivism. Abstract expressionism and surrealism.
Bio: I was born in Birmingham, England in 1975. I originally studied graphic design and 3D design at the Walsall college of Art as well as printing, photography and Art history. I completed my BA(hons) degree in fine art in 2006 at Coventry University, England. I briefly studied for a MA in fine art before leaving to work independently as a freelance artist. I was a founder member of an artist group in Birmingham that organised various shows around the city, including art fairs and theater shows. I moved to the United states in 2006 after having a break from painting for two years. I am now working on various projects including a series on celtic images.

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