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Vampire Spire

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By: tourniquetlux (© 2007-2019)
Price: $20.00 USD
Posted On: April 20, 2007
Category: Photography

About This Piece

A photo taken by me.
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Posted On:06/18/2007
I just finished a great book about Vampires. It is a series of three (I believe), but I just read the first part of the series. The author is Lara Adrian. Check it out when you get the chance I think you will enjoy it. I really did.


Posted On:06/16/2007
Me AND my husband are into the whole vampire thing...its just plain sexy to me...


Posted On:06/15/2007
I am so intigued by Vampire movies and books. I always get excited when a new movie comes out about Vampires. Matter of fact, I think we are all due for a new Vampire movie.

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