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About ProudArtists

The people behind are made up of a small group of art enthusiasts who are continually interested in viewing different art, and getting to know different artists. Our mission is to provide a safe online environment where art can be shared and communicated in various forms. Members are encouraged to watch out for the safety of others in our community, and to aid in keeping the site clear and free from those who would use the site inappropriately. Any misconduct in our community will not be tolerated.

ProudArtists is an innovative way to showcase art to the world. We are excited to present a web-site to you that brings passion to art, the artists and the art enthusiasts. We wish you well in your creativity and continually hope you have a truly artistic day. is a Limited Liability Company registered with New York State.

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  • What is and who can use it? is a FREE online Art community which allows Artists to showcase original art. (more info)
  • How much does it cost to join? It's free! You can join ProudArtists to showcase your Art at no charge to you. (more info)

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